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Insurance contracts are contracts of utmost good faith. This imposes a continuing duty on you to disclose all material facts, relating to the risk and/or previous claims/losses on all insurance contracts, when seeking insurance or changes in material facts when renewing an existing policy. This includes changes that occur between receipt of a quotation and finalising placement or renewal. Failure to disclose all relevant information could result in your policy being cancelled, claims not being paid and difficulty in getting insurance elsewhere. A material fact is one that would influence a prudent insurer in deciding whether to accept a proposed insurance or not and, if they accept, on what terms, conditions and cost. If you are in any doubts as to whether a fact may be material or not, you are advised to disclose all known facts or seek our advice.

Please make full disclosure of relevant facts, including a) your medical details or history; and b) any previous insurance claims made by you for the type of insurance sought. Failure to disclose all information may result in i) that a policy may be cancelled; ii) that claims may not be paid; iii) the difficulty the consumer may encounter in trying to purchase insurance elsewhere; and, iv) in the case of property insurance, that the failure to have property insurance in place could lead to a breach of the terms and conditions attaching to any loan secured on that property. It is therefore your responsibility to make a full disclosure of all material facts whether specifically asked or not.

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